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About Q&A Home Inspections

Q&A Home Inspections, LLC is a company founded to provide clients with outstanding service. It isn’t always easy to tell when there are problems with your home, which is where a certified home inspector can help. By working with Q&A Home Inspections, you’re guaranteed to get the outstanding service you deserve.

Meet Maurice Quick

Thank you for visiting the website. I am Maurice Quick, a native of North Carolina and a licensed North Carolina home inspector. I am the father of three wonderful daughters who live, work and attend school in the Carolinas. As a former truck driver, I have served as owner/operator, where the importance of customer focus was instilled into my assiduous work ethic. During my tenure in the United States Navy, I learned attention to detail, which I apply to all of my home inspections. My wife, a mechanical engineer by degree, is also my business partner.

I got into the home inspection business for three reasons:

  1. To enjoy the freedom of entrepreneurship
  2. To help people to the best of my knowledge
  3. To reveal the story of the house

Tell me – what can I do to be your home inspector?

Discounts are available for military members, seniors, and home sellers.

Our Full Range of Services

Make sure that your home has no hidden issues with an inspection.

Home Inspections

Get water testing to make sure your water is free of contaminants.

Water Testing

Find out if there are pests in your home with help from a professional.

Pest Inspections

Protect yourself from radon by getting professional testing service.

Radon Testing

Are you planning to buy a house and wondering if it’s a wise investment?

Mold Testing

We’ll inspect the property from top to bottom and ensure you know the issues before you’re locked into a deal.

Real Estate Inspections

Find issues or problems with your crawl space before they become serious and costly.

Crawl Space Inspections

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