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Offering Professional Radon Inspection to Greensboro, NC, and all of the Triad

Radon can be a serious concern for anyone living in Greensboro, NC, and all of the Triad. As such, it’s important to get a radon inspection to make sure it isn’t invading your home. Q&A Home Inspections can provide radon testing to anyone in the local area. We provide thorough, professional service, assisting buyers, sellers, and homeowners alike with their properties.

What is Radon?

Know Why You Need to Get Testing

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that is impossible to detect without a test. It forms naturally when uranium in the soil breaks down. While not harmful in the open air, it can be a problem when it gets into a building, since it can’t disperse properly. In large amounts, radon can be incredibly harmful; in fact, it is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Because of its danger, it’s important to get radon testing and mitigation in a timely fashion.

Protect Yourself with a Radon Inspection

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The radon specialists at Q&A Home Inspections can help you make sure that your home is free of radon. We can provide you with an inexpensive home radon test to determine whether or not you have radon filling your home. From there, we will provide you with a report, which can help you determine if you need to get radon remediation. With our assistance, you can protect yourself and get peace of mind. Call today to learn more about or radon inspection service. Q&A Home Inspections serves Greensboro, NC, and all of the Triad.

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